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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division for Air Quality

Welcome to the Permit Review Branch of the Division for Air Quality.  Check the following locations for specific information.

Title V Permits - This page lists all Title V permits issued by the division. You may search the list by facility name or the county where the facility is located.

Non-major Source and State-origin Permits - This page lists all construction and/or operating permits issued by the division that are subject to permitting regulations other than Title V major source regulation.  This category of permits includes conditional major and state-origin permits.  All draft or final permits issued by the division are available for downloading.  You may search the list by facility name or the county where the facility is located.

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Cabinet Provisions and Procedures for Issuance of Permits


  • Help with Your Small Business Air Permit Application The Division of Compliance Assistance can help you determine which applications you need and also help you complete them.

  • Permit Application Contacts and Inquiries - this page provides a listing of all Permit Review Branch contacts as well as other Division for Air Quality branch contacts.

  • Permit Application Forms - This page lists all the permit applications that are needed to construct or operate an air contaminant source.

  • DEP 4014 - This form is for record of shutdown, ensuing startup or malfunction of a facility.

  • Insignificant Activities - Insignificant activities and any applicable requirements to which they are subject must be included in permit applications and listed in the permit.

  • Trivial Activities - The Permit Review Branch maintains a list of insignificant and trivial activities for use by air pollution sources when submitting permit applications.