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Energy and Environment Cabinet

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Division for Air Quality
Statewide Evaluation of Toxics

Metrics for Statewide Evaluation of Toxics - 2002

The Air Toxics section regularly evaluates the air toxics risks and hazards found in Kentucky concurrently with the publication of the EPA National Air Toxics Assesment (NATA).


The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection evaluated this screening analysis and the ranking within each of the individual categories.

  • Overall Rank: Jefferson County, Kentucky ranked highest of the 736 counties in Region 4.  Five other Kentucky counties were in the top 50 (Muhlenberg, 10th; Kenton, 17th; Campbell, 23rd; Fayette, 27th; Boyd, 35th; and Boone, 48th).
  • When sorted by NATA cancer risk, Boyd County is 6th and Jefferson County is 8th out of 736 counties, with Kenton, Campbell, and Greenup also in the top 20.
  • When sorted by NATA noncancer hazard, Jefferson County is 10th among counties in U.S. EPA Region 4, with Bath, Kenton and Campbell also in the top 20.
  • When sorted by diesel PM, Lyon County is 5th, Jefferson County is 7th, Campbell is 8th and Kenton is 10th among all counties.
  • When sorted by the 1999 TRI screening results, Muhlenberg County was 1st, Jefferson County was 4th and Carroll County was 11th.
  • When sorted by total cancer incidence, 14 Kentucky counties were in the top 25.  The top 10 include: Menifee (3rd), Whitley (5th), Wolfe (8th) and Marion (10th).
  • When sorted by respiratory disease mortality, 27 of top 50 counties are in Kentucky and 52 of top 100 counties are in Kentucky.
  • When sorted by cardiac disease mortality, the highest county in Kentucky (Martin) is 31st and seven are in the top 50.
  • When sorted by total population, Jefferson County is 11th, Fayette is 37th.
  • When sorted by total population density, Jefferson County is 4th, Kenton is 17th, Fayette is 18th.
  • When sorted by population density over age 65, Jefferson County is 2nd and Kenton is 19th.
  • When sorted by population density under age 18, Jefferson County is 5th, Kenton is 14th and Fayette is 20th.