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Energy and Environment Cabinet

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Division for Air Quality
Public Notices and Hearings

2018 Public Notices and Hearings

Public Hearings
The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet will conduct a public hearing on January 7, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. (EST) in Training Room B of the Division for Air Quality, 300 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky. Pursuant to 401 KAR 50:038, Air emissions fee, the Division has the authority to collect Title V air emissions fees necessary to fund the state air permit program. The purpose of this public hearing is to receive comments on establishing the appropriate Title V air emissions fee necessary to cover all reasonable costs of administering the permit program.
This hearing is open to the public and all interested persons will be given the opportunity to present testimony. To assure that all comments are accurately recorded, the Division requests that oral comments presented at the hearing also be provided in written form, if possible. To be considered part of the hearing record, comments must be received by the close of the hearing.
Comments should be sent to the contact person.
The hearing facility is accessible to people with disabilities. An interpreter or other auxiliary aid or service will be provided upon request. Please direct these requests to the contact person.
CONTACT PERSON: Jacob Lewis, Program Planning Branch, Division for Air Quality, 2nd Floor, 300 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. Phone (502) 782-6686; E-mail
Permit Notice D​ate(s)
The 30-day notice begins on the dates listed with each individual notice. To view the relevant permit for each notice you can search online through our e-Search database for Permits.
Nov 9 -- Bavarian Trucking (AFS# 21-015-00140) V-18-005, AI#: 275
Nov 9 -- Avantor Performance (AFS# 21-017-00015) F-18-038, AI#: 294
Nov 9 -- Kenton Co Airport (AFS# 21-015-00148) F-17-051, AI#: 197
Nov 9 -- Glasgow Regional Landfill (AFS# 21-009-00080) V-18-050, AI#: 74
Nov 9 -- Nestle Foods Co (AFS# 21-173-00029) F-18-024, AI#: 3179
Nov 15 -- EnerSys Delaware (AFS# 21-151-00032) F-18-045, AI#: 2864
Nov 15 -- Diversified Midstream-Jenkins Station (AFS# 21-133-00109) F-18-034, AI: 100520
Nov 16 -- Hillshire Brands (AFS# 21-037-00074) F-18-008, AI#: 586
Nov 16 -- Corning Incorporated (AFS# 21-167-00004) V-15-059 R2, AI#: 3143
Nov 16 -- QG Printing II Corp (AFS# 21-213-00022) V-18-039, AI#: 3979
Nov 21 -- Evonic Corp (AFS# 21-157-00009) V-18-031, AI#: 2915
Nov 21 -- Diversified Midstream-Wildcat Station (AFS# 21-119-00043) F-18-035, AI#: 84803
Nov 29 -- KY Cooperage (AFS# 21-155-00001) F-15-023 R3, AI#: 2899
Dec 7 -- Kellogg USA-Pikeville Bakery (AFS# 21-195-00234) F-18-040, AI#:3673
Dec 7 -- Superior Battery (AFS# 21-207-00019) V-15-018 R1, AI#: 3893