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Division for Air Quality
Permit Required Reporting

This page contains information to assist permitted facilities in the preparation and submission of permit required reporting documents.  

Annual Compliance Certifications

Most air permits require that permitted sources submit an Annual Compliance Certification (ACC) that lists all permitted emission units and all the applicable requirements from their permit for each.  The certification also requires that the facility declare the compliance status for each unit and each requirement for the reporting year (usually the calendar year.).

The forms below can be downloaded and additional pages copied as needed to accommodate all emission units and permit requirements.

Semi-annual Monitoring Reports

In addition, most permits also require that the facility submit semiannual monitoring reports every six months that contain detailed information on permit required monitoring parameters for various emission units.  This report may include a table of required monthly emission calculations for a particular pollutant or a rolling annual total of emissions plant wide to demonstrate compliance with the annual conditional limit on a monthly basis.  Other common monitoring requirements include limits on production (coal used, asphalt processed, etc.) or records of routine maintenance on air pollution control devices.  

There is no standard form for this semi-annual report since there is such a wide variety of facility types and industries that the Division for Air Quality (DAQ) permits.  Please organize the report in a manner that is convenient to you, but is also logical, references permitted emission units, lists totals or averages in the same units as the permit limit, and is easily understood.

Some fewer number of facilities are required to report on a quarterly, or even monthly basis.  Please read your entire permit carefully for details on what and how often to report.

Where do I mail these reports?

These routine permit required reports should be submitted directly to your facility regional office for DAQ via mail or electronically via eForms, the new preferred submittal method. 

Although many permits still instruct permittees to submit two copies of these reports, one to the central file and one to the regional office, you are no longer required to submit the copy to the “central file” in Frankfort.  The division now has an electronic file system where reports submitted are securely stored and made available to all DAQ staff.  Please send only one copy to DAQ to the address of the proper DAQ regional office or via eForms.  Remember that electronic submittals still require proper signature by the responsible official.  Note: Major sources must still submit copies of the Annual Compliance Certification form to the EPA Region 4.  Look to Section F of your permit for the address in Atlanta.

Why use eForms instead of email?  eForms removes the file size limitation of our email system while providing automated receipts for proof of submittal.

The eForms system does not require a user ID or password beginning January 13, 2017. Submittals made after this date will required an account to be set up.

Account registration is located on the Security Information Management System (SIMS) page and is part of the Kentucky One Stop Business Portal (KyBOS).

Other Links to One Stop Business Portal:

Where do I go for more information?

For additional help with preparing your routine reports contact the Division of Compliance Assistance through their website or at 502-564-0323.