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Environmental Education

The Division for Air Quality has a strong commitment to environmental education.  The goal of environmental education is to give individuals the tools and information needed to think critically and independently about the world around them.  Environmental education focuses on the interactions between society and the environment.  Air quality is a fitting arena for such a focus, because so much of what people do in their daily lives impacts air quality.  The division’s environmental education program emphasizes experiential learning, with the philosophy that the best way for students to learn is to become actively engaged in whatever it is that they seek to learn.

Contact Environmental Education Specialist Roberta Burnes at 1-800-928-0047 to schedule a speaker or to find out more about the following resources:

School Outreach Program

Speakers are available to visit your classroom and present educational programs about a variety of air quality topics including air pollution, climate change and energy.  Activities are suitable for K-12, are aligned to national science and KERA standards, and can be tailored to your student’s needs.

Free Air Quality Curriculum and Resources

The Division for Air Quality offers a free air quality unit of study for upper elementary/middle school teachers called Clean Air for Kentucky. Activities and lessons are correlated to state and national standards, utilize multiple learning styles, and integrate subjects across the curriculum.  To request a copy, call 1-800-928-0047.

A variety of resource materials relating to air quality are also available upon request including pamphlets, fact sheets, posters and more.

Educational Traveling Display

The Division for Air Quality’s traveling display is available upon request for conferences, workshops, festivals and other special events. A staff person accompanies the display, providing hand-out materials and additional information during the event. 

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program

EPA’s Tools for Schools is a comprehensive program that helps schools identify, resolve, and prevent indoor air quality problems in the learning environment.  It’s also an excellent resource for schools participating in Kentucky’s Green and Healthy Schools program. To order your free Tools for Schools kit, call 1-800-490-9198 or go to  The Division for Air Quality can help you begin planning your school’s indoor air quality plan. The division can also work with schools that wish to utilize EPA’s indoor air quality Design Tools for Schools Web site.