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Applications and Forms


 Division Applications and Forms

collapse Category : Asbestos ‎(8)
Asbestos-DEP6020 Form
Gasoline Tank Truck Certification
Asbestos-Declaration of Nonfriable Removal
If your removal will be a nonfriable one and you are submitting a notification, you may complete this form and attach it to the notification as a continuation page to provide further details.
Asbestos-Alternative Procedures Request Form
Complete this form and submit it with your project notification whenever it is not feasible to use any of the regulation-required work practices of 401KAR 58:040,  Section 4.
Asbestos - DEP7036 Form
Notification of Asbestos Abatement Activities
Asbestos - DEP7035 Form
Asbestos Orientation Registration Form
Asbestos - DEP7034 Form
Application for Entity Certification Application
Asbestos - DEP6038 Form
Application for Individual Accreditation
collapse Category : Compliance ‎(1)
Fire Training Form
Application for Fire Training
collapse Category : Permitting ‎(38)
Part 1 Application
Part 1 Application for the 112(j)
Ownership Change Form
Agreement for Administrative Permit Amendment
DEP7105B Form
Stage II Post Inspection for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
DEP7105A Form
Compliance Test Notification for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
DEP7105 Form
Gasoline Dispensing Facility
DEP7039A Form
Minor Source Registration
DEP7036 Instructions
Notification of Asbestos Abatement Activities
DEP7007Y Instructions
DEP7007Y Form
Good Engineering Practice (GEP) Stack Height Determination
DEP7007V Instructions
DEP7007V Form
Applicable Requirements and Compliance Activities
DEP7007T Form
Metal Plating and Surface Treatment Operations
DEP7007S Form
Service Stations
DEP7007P Form
Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Systems
DEP7007N Instructions
DEP7007N Form
Emissions, Stacks and Controls Information
DEP7007M Form
Metal Cleaning Degreasers
DEP7007L Form
Concrete, Asphalt, Coal, Aggregate, Feed, Corn, Flour, Grain and Fertilizer
DEP7007K Instructions
DEP7007K Form
Surface Coating or Printing Operation
DEP7007J Form
Volatile Liquid Storage
DEP7007F Form
Episode Standby Plan
DEP7007DD Form
Insignificant Activities
DEP7007CC Instructions-Revised 12-4-2009
Instructions Revised 12-4-2009
DEP7007CC Form
Annual Compliance Certification
DEP7007C Form
Incinerators and Waste Burners
DEP7007BB Instructions
DEP7007BB Form
Certified Progress Report
DEP7007B Instructions
DEP7007B Form
Manufacturing or Processing Operations
DEP7007AI Form
DEP7007AA Instructions
DEP7007AA Form
Compliance Schedule for Noncomplying Emission Units
DEP7007A Form
Indirect Heat Exchanger, Turbine, Internal  Combustion Engine
DEP6028 Form
Compliance Test Protocol
DEP4014 Form
Shutdown-Startup Form
CAIR Permit Application
Permit Application form for sources covered under a CAIR SIP.