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Energy and Environment Cabinet

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Division for Air Quality
Air Permits

Welcome to Permitting Search Online

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection is committed to providing public access to environmental information. Our agency believes that keeping citizens informed enhances achievement of our goal of environmental protection.  Search Online provides a comprehensive view of the department's regulated community (agency interests) and their activities, by allowing the public access to information about permitting and compliance activities within the scope of the department.

Search Agency Interest Data

  • Agency Interest Search -- Search agency interests by agency interest name, city and county.
  • Issued Approvals Search -- Search issued approvals by agency interest ID, agency interest name, city, county, type, program and approvals issued in the last number of days.
  • Pending Approvals Search -- Search pending approvals by agency interest ID, agency interest name, city, county, type, program, and number of days.
  • Permitting Activity Search -- Find recently issued permit and coverage information or recently received permit and coverage applications. Filter by city, county, program and activity.  

Online Reports

  • Permit Applications -- Permit applications received by the Department for Environmental Protection.
  • Permits Issued -- Permits issued by the Department for Environmental Protection.

Permitting Regulations and Cabinet Provisions and Procedures for Issuance of Permits


  • Help with Your Small Business Air Permit Application - The Division of Compliance Assistance can help you determine which applications you need and also help you complete them.
  • Permit Application Contacts and Inquiries - This page provides a listing of all Permit Review Branch contacts as well as other Division for Air Quality branch contacts.
  • Insignificant Activities - Insignificant activities and any applicable requirements to which they are subject must be included in permit applications and listed in the permit.
  • Trivial Activities - The Permit Review Branch maintains a list of insignificant and trivial activities for use by air pollution sources when submitting permit applications.